We are the eightoneseven!

Our mission is...

  1. Provide value and cost effective solutions

  2. Build strong and lasting relationships with customers through our passion to see them succeed

  3. Continually invest in ourselves and encourage the pursuit of knowledge to stay at the forefront of what we do

About us

You may be wondering why an organisation would choose to name themselves something seemingly random, but eight one seven stands for a significant moment in human history and a moment we strive to capture in our everyday. 

On July 20th, 1969... 8:17 (UTC) is the exact hour and minute the human race landed on the moon! A shining example of what is possible if a group of people put their minds to something extraordinary.

Move on 50+ years and keeping that picture in mind, we've made it our mission to bring the same level of enthusiasm, innovation and teamwork mentality to the modern day. 

Through our approach to business development, coupled with experienced digital marketing knowledge and a suite of managed services, we have created a hub to provide services across South Wales, the UK!

So, if you feel like you're drifting in space and need help with finding your way, know that we are here and together we can navigate your journey.

"Achieving your goal is like standing on the moon! But, the moon is just the beginning, there's a whole universe full of potential!"

Meet the team


Leon Guest

Founder & Managing Director

Leon created the 817 with his dream of pursuing new ideas and helping others find the most from theirs.


Harrison Wingfield

Director of Managed Services

Harrison has vast experience in marketing, copywriting and everything sushi.


Nathaniel Board

Director of Business Development

Nathaniel is our guy for developing your business, he loves new ideas and isn't half bad in a pub quiz.


Alys George

Marketing & Communications Exec.

Alys knows her way around a pack of Reese's and is a dab hand when it comes to Marketing and comms.

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